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Security Advisories

On this page you can find several public security advisories that we have discovered and issued using our research prototypes.

ID Description Date
Apple HT2647 (CVE-2008-2320) CarbonCore Processing long filenames may lead to an unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution in the Apple Safari browser Aug 01, 2008
Bugtraq SA-20071012-0 Madwifi xrates element remote DOS Oct 12, 2007
BugTraq 18653 Qdig: Multiple Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities (Advisory by Vendor) June 26, 2006
TUVSA-0606-001 QaTraq: Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities May 30, 2006
TUVSA-0605-001 Open Searchable Image Catalogue: XSS and SQL Injection Vulnerabilities May 30, 2006
TUVSA-0603-004 txtForum: Script Injection Vulnerability March 9, 2006
TUVSA-0603-003 txtForum: Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities March 9, 2006
TUVSA-0603-002 MyBloggie: Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities March 9, 2006
TUVSA-0603-001 DCP Portal: Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities March 9, 2006
TUVSA-0511-001 Simple PHP Blog: Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities November 2, 2005
TUVSA-0510-001 Yapig: XSS / Code Injection Vulnerability October 13, 2005
TUVSA-0509-001 Serendipity: Account Hijacking / CSRF Vulnerability September 29, 2005

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