Teaching @ SecLab

We offer security courses related to the research we conduct in the lab.

Summer Semester

  • Internet Security (InetSec 1), VU, 3.0 ECTS @ TU Vienna

  • This course presents the principal protocols and applications that are used in the Internet today, discussing in detail the related vulnerabilities and how they are exploited. For each vulnerability, possible protection and detection techniques are examined. The course includes a number of practical lab assignments where participants are required to apply their knowledge as well as a discussion of the current research in the field. Students will learn how the security of networks can be violated and how such attacks can be detected and prevented. The course aims to make the students "security aware" and gain a basic understanding about security issues. For students who are interested in advanced security topics and practical assignments, we offer the Internet Security 2 class in the winter semester.

Winter Semester

  • Advanced Internet Security (InetSec 2), VU, 3.0 ECTS @ TU Vienna

  • Advanced Internet Security (i.e., InetSec 2) serves as a continuation for the class Internet Security. The idea is to present problems in more detail and allow students to apply their knowledge in practical exercises. Because the class will feature a number of programming exercises, students are required to have considerable programming experience. The lecture deals with common programming mistakes and ways to detect and avoid them. Examples are used to highlight general error classes, such as stack and heap overflows. As part of the class, students will participate in a hacking contest in which they can prove their knowledge of security and system management by competing with their peers.

  • Internships (Praktika), Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. Theses

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