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You can reach me at atrox (åṱ) seclab (ḑooooọoooọọt) tuwien (ḑọṫ) ac (dọṫ) at.

My other page at SBA Research. My Google Scholar Profile and my Twitter page.

General Information

I recieved my PhD from the University of Technology in Vienna (TU Wien) and are employed as PostDoc at SBA Research, an inter-university research center partly owned by TU Wien. My PhD thesis focused on security and privacy issues in large-scale infrastructure, such as cellular networks (e.g., fake base stations, IMSI caatchers), power grids, botnets, and side channels in browsers. In my Master's thesis written at SecLab, I focused on several RFID systems ranging from an electronic purse to a metropolitan size locking system. I had the opportunity to be on the winning iCTF team in 2006 and 2011, where I co-organized the team in 2011-2013. From March to June 2013 and September 2014 to January 2015, I visited the Echizen Group at the National Institute of Informatics (NII) in Tokyo. I'm holder of the IEEE Austria Diploma Thesis Award and was nominated for the Distinguished Young Alumnus Award of the Faculty of Informatics, UT Vienna. My ACSAC 2014 paper won the Best Student Paper Award.

In 2013, I was speaker at the European Forum Alpbach during the technology symposium days.

Before that and during my studies, I was a teacher at HTL Spengergasse, a secondary technical high school in Vienna. I'm also founding member of Innoc ('Happylab' Hackerspace), Robotchallenge and Funkfeuer Wien. Furthermore I was involved in Roboat, an autonoumous self steering sailing vessel. Other robots of mine where on display at Roboexotica and at Deutsche Technik Museum in Berlin during an IETF congress. I was speaker at several CCC and a SIGINT congresses as well as on B-Sides and appeared in several national and international media reports after describing how to intercept wireless police cameras on Schwedenplatz in Vienna. I lectured at several BEST Summer Courses in Vienna and Bratislava on various robotic topics. Additionally, I held talks at 20c3, 21c3, 22c3, 23c3, 25c3, 30c3, SigInt, B-Sides Vienna, Troopers 2014, CCS2014, ACSAC2014, DayCon 2015, Troopers 2016, DeepSec 2016 and 2017, and others. Occasionally, I make humoristic t-shirts for conferences or just for fun.

Internships / Master's theses

I'm teaching at the Institutes for Automation (e183) and for Software Technology and Interactive Systems (e188) at the University of Technology in Vienna. There, I'm constantly looking for motivated students who want to do an internship ("Praktikum") or a thesis at our group. If you are interested, just send me an email. We have our own topic suggestions, but we are also keen on hearing your ideas.

Current Lecture(s)

  • 2018W: Advanced Internet Security 183.222 (Inetsec2)
  • 2018W: FH Technikum Wien - ILV Cyber Crime Defense

    Past Lecture(s)

  • 2013W: Advanced Internet Security 183.222 (Inetsec2)
  • 2014S: Internet Security 188.366 (Inetsec1)
  • 2014W: Advanced Internet Security 183.222 (Inetsec2) (Canceled due insufficent funding from University)
  • 2015S: Internet Security 188.366 (Inetsec1)
  • 2015W: Advanced Internet Security 183.222 (Inetsec2)
  • 2016S: Internet Security 188.366 (Inetsec1)
  • 2016S: FH Technikum Wien - ILV Cyber Security
  • 2016W: Advanced Internet Security 183.222 (Inetsec2)
  • 2016W: FH Technikum Wien - ILV Cyber Crime Defense
  • 2017S: Internet Security 188.366 (Inetsec1)
  • 2017S: FH Technikum Wien - ILV Cyber Security
  • 2017W: Advanced Internet Security 183.222 (Inetsec2)
  • 2017S: FH Technikum Wien - ILV Cyber Crime Defense
  • 2018S: Internet Security 188.366 (Inetsec1)
  • 2018S: FH Technikum Wien - ILV Cyber Security


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    Earlier Appearances

    Some of my very early high-school or pre-studies projects also showed some impact. My Nokia data cable reverse engineering project from 2000 was featured in the book Hardware Hacking: Have Fun while Voiding your Warranty. The original site of my project has been down for years, but I still get requests and questions about it.

    Also in 2000, my robotics group won the Austrian competition for the European Physics on Stage festival. That enabled me to visit CERN for over a week, including the LEP collider.


    My Erdős number currently is 5 (that's bad!). My Kevin Bacon number is 3. What does that tell about me? :-)

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